Moodle Template Overview

Moodle is an open source CMS that can be used to develop sites for various purpose. Moodle can be used to build a online learning portal that can help students or learner to learn online. 

Moodle template is a flexible system that can be created and modified to change the appearance, style and layout of your site. You can do more with a theme than change the appearance of an entire site. It is also possible to "theme" only certain sections of a site, select types of content, or even individual pages. For example, your theme could specify a different look for just the front page of your site.

Free Sample Moodle Template

Template sampleWe offer free Moodle template for you to download and customize, All the Moodle themes have simplicity style and you can customize based on your own needs and requirements.

The AfterSchool Moodle theme is designed for Moodle 2.4 or above, it has a top adjustable menu and suitable for sites.

Download the Moodle theme